Mated bitches

Kennel Clever Forever

Date of mating   07 05 2018
Sire   Welldox Best Madoc
Health data   hips:A2/A1,elbows 0/0 free,eyes:clear
Genetest results   prcd/PRA:free, Ichith. free
Working results   APD-O, JP/R, BLP, Prfg.m.leb.Ente(BLP), div.WT (0)
Sire at k9data   Madoc at k9data
Dam   Clever Forever Fullmoon Indra
Health data   hips: A2/A2, elbows: 0/0free, eyes: clear : prcd-PRA:carrier
Genetest results   prcd-PRA: carrier, GR PRA1 + GR PRA 2: free
Working results   APD A,JP/R,div.WT (A)
Dam at k9data   Indra at k9data
Name   Simone De Smet
Address   Bürgerforst 26, 21354 Bleckede, Germany
Phone   +49 5852-95 11 820
Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.