Planned litters

Kennel vom Rohsee

Date of mating   Winter/Spring 2018
Sire   Froglane Firefly at Tealcreek
Health data   hips: 3/5, elbows: 0 eyes: clear (ECVO)
Genetest results   prcd-PRA: clear, GR-PRA1: clear, GR-PRA2: clear, ICT: clear, MD clear
Working results   Workingtest O
Sire at k9data   Firefly at k9data
Dam   Tigermilk B Dumbledore's pensieve
Health data   hips: A1, elbows: free eyes: clear (ECVO)
Genetest results   prcd-PRA: carrier, GR-PRA1: clear, GR-PRA2: clear, OCD: free
Working results   JP/R, BLP, Workingtest O
Dam at k9data   Pensieve at k9data
Name   Jaroslava Rützel
Address   Blankenheimer Str. 36, 60529 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone   +49-173-325 58 61
Email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.